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Fifteen years ago, our community built a soccer house for Temecula. This house became the home for thousands of Temecula soccer families. It has been a fantastic journey filled with memories that will last a lifetime, but it is time to evolve. We have outgrown Temecula United SC and must remodel to build a bigger and better soccer home. TU is the foundation; our culture, shared values, and strong sense of community are our guiding principles. And, this time we go big! We build a modern and innovative soccer home for the entire Temecula Valley and townships beyond.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Our new name, colors, uniform styles, badge and website will launch January 3, 2020.

Why are we making this change?
Our club has seen amazing growth both in number of players and in quality teams the last few years. We have outperformed other local clubs on the field and have become an attractive destination for Temecula Valley families. When our players and teams reached the highest level of play, we were unable to offer them "the next level". This major transformation of the club will provide a thoughtful and comprehensive pathway to the absolute top of soccer in this country. A tiny percentage of players will ever reach a professional level of soccer, but a pathway to college is more realistic and our club will now be positioned to provide the very best player development pathway available.

Will we be connected to the US Soccer Development Academy?
Yes. Both our boys' and girls' programs will have a DA pathway across all DA sanctioned age groups.

What are the options for a player not looking to join an elite DA team?
Our new club will offer a home for everyone. Soccer is a fantastic sport that provides many life changing physical and social benefits for kids. We want everyone to play, so we will maintain teams at all levels of play (down to Flight 3). We will also develop a Junior Academy (3 to 6 year old kids) and a recreational soccer program (non-competitive) for our families. Our core mission is the same for all levels of play: we focus on player development (curriculum and methods), coach development (recruitment and education), and future development (pathways for those who desire and are able to).

What league will we play in?
We will continue to play in the SCDSL. In addition, players who are aspiring to become DA players will also have access to a higher level of competition in the National Premier Leagues (NPL, boys) and Development Player League (DPL, girls).

Will we be an MLS affiliated club?
Yes, we will have a Major League Soccer (MLS) Pro Pathway and a National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) Pro Pathway for our players. Because we are an MLS Youth Affiliate Network member club, we will be able to establish pathways via other MLS and NWSL clubs as well as outside professional and semi-professional leagues.

Will we have an MLS club name in our new name?

No. Together with several large elite clubs in the Southwest, we are establishing our own new brand while maintaining a strong affiliation with the MLS and the NWSL. This is an opportunity to create a brand that resonates with our local community and our families on a more personal level.
When will the new name/logo be announced?

The new name and the new badge will be announced January 3rd 2020 with elements of the brand being rolled out in phases before the end of the calendar year.

What uniform brand will we wear?
We will be an adidas club. Our home and away uniform colors and style will be revealed by the end of the year, and we expect our players to receive their new kits in April 2020 (as has been the case with our current uniform brand). Our players will receive branded training gear in January 2020.

Will the changes impact our club structure?
Our top soccer directors will remain the same and provide strong leadership moving forward. The club will work closely with our partner clubs and USSDA to streamline the organization, develop shared values, higher standards, and a common curriculum. We are creating an innovative and modern soccer club.

Will the current club coaches change?
Yes, some will. We are currently recruiting top coaches from the entire Southwest region. This is a careful process and we intend to hire the best coaches available.

When will we officially make the change over to the new name and brand?
Teams will play under the Temecula United name for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season, which means through State/National Cup for our older teams. Teams not playing in State/National Cup will be playing winter 2020 tournaments under the new name.

Will my club fees be affected?
Yes. The registration fee will increase somewhat, but as a non-profit organization, we are always fully committed to keeping our fees competitive in the marketplace. We are confident in the added value the club is offering and want our fees to remain lower than our nearest competitors' fees.

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